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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  November 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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>> armstrong armstrong. >> therers so much to be thankful for at this special time of the year. thanksgiving and our lives are so different so we reflect with a special panel today ase think about this country, our families and thanksgiving. welcome to this special edition of armstrong williams google don scoggins, welcome to the show. show. go dena, welcome to the show pick up as you sit around the thanksgiving table andwe g g into theheoliday season, who is not who is no longer with you in your life that has impacted you, dena, that you wish was at the table but still has an impact on your life. >> my dad . my dad passed away in 2009 and it is still very fresh but the lesson that i learned from him will carry on not only to me but to my niece and my nephew for generations.s. he was a man who did not mind
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working there, very difficult worked as a construction worker but my work ethic today, i am up early and i stay late to get the e job done because of the things i learned from my daddy. there is no job too dirty to go there is no ta too difficult for me to o for my family. i am beyond thankful that i was actually raised in a home that not only celebrated hard work but also cecebrated america. my dad loved america and i think to be raised in a household where you don't apologize for america but you say go, what a blessing to be in this country. what a blessing to live here. i learned all of those things from my y daddy. kimberly, honestly this is a time for us to be thankful and to reflect upon not the things we wish we could have or
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that are with us now. when you look at that for u? >> that is great question all of us take things for granted. i have to say my husband, thank goodness for my husband. i was able to start my nonprofit and go from 4 am in the morning until midnight working on that. he was at home taking care of ththkids, making sure homework was done, making sure other things were done when i was not there and trying to support my business . definitely i don't take him for granted. >> i would say in my particular case what i'm thankful fori have my mothehe was 96 y yrs old.her mental faculties are better than mine. the only problem, she just has arthritis but other than that i am thankful for that. i'm at a point in life where i can reflect back on things that i think havebeen helpful for me to go i'm thankful for the fact that i grew up in tulsa, oklahoma .
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integration and i remember when we had a black business community and even though it wasn't like wall street, they called it the black wall street journal i had a grananather and father who had businesses along the area. looking back 50 or so years, i'm thankful for having been raised during that time because i think k e young people today are really missing a time when the black community was very close. we were relying on each other. we were close and i think quite frankly, i hate to say this but think integration not ruined it bur i think it's taking away something that is important ininhe black community. i'm thankful for having been brought up in that time and also i have a grandfather who is no longer with us but he was president of the h bc you and remember when i was visiting him on the campus and some of
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the experiences that i had with him and some of the people who came to the house to visit, some of the dignitaries in the black community like a philip randolphnd whitney young pick up some of the prominent people, adam clayton powell and all that. m blessed to have remembered those days a a i can reflect back on those times . >> as a young man growing up , reading about the united states and reading about the pilgrims and this thing we call thanksgiving, it's one thing to deal with things theoretically. it's another thing when you deal with it with an applplation. how is it for you as a young man, how are you finding this place called america ? does it live up to the promise that you read about ? dodo it give you the security? does it give you the hope that
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you can achieve and become anything you want to be and leave a mark where you can make a difference? >> i'm a republican but i have to say barack obama is a product of how great obama is . the first rican-american to become president. i grew up in new orleans and i remember seeing so much poverty. my great-grandfather would alwaysysell me, remember you are not a product of this environment. you are able to achieve and accomplish whatever it is you can imagine and dream and see yourself doing but you have have a responsibility to go the persrsal responsibility to continue that drive internally to push yourself and you don't stop. it definitely lived up to it. i don't think there's any other country in this world that fosters the type of environment america does. whether you are a foreigner or someone who grew up in poverty, everyone can come to this country and accomplish nothing they never could have imagined
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themselves accomplishing anywhere else . >> that seems to resonate with yoyoa lot. >> i agree. i went to louisiana state for you one year and dropped out but i managed to be an entrepreneur. i go to the capital one day a week and i walked into congressman's office, got the interview. there's nothing i can't do and i feelhe same way. that's what i love about our country. >> whatato you love about this country, this place we call america? this melting pot of ideas and people of different colored cultures coming togeth under e umbrella and they can becomemene and bring along some of the greatest entrepreneurs, some of the greatest doctors, some of the greatest scientists america. i rember watching an interview with president putin of russia on 60 minutes and he talked about the ingenuity and entrepreneur spirit of america and it's the india of the world. i'm armstrong williams, don't go
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my parents placed emphasis s on building wealth . not for the sake of your own ego and yoyo own selfishness, because they always felt in order to help people and empower people you've got to have a littlextra.
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if you're fighting to make ends meet, you're going to find it difficult to help someone along the way. i remember in washington in the early years, you remember the house of over jean stewart ? we were one of the people who sponsored her thanksgiving for the homeless every year and he gave us such a good feeling when you can give to others. when you see people homeless, especily during this time when it's getting colder , you read the stories of people less fortunate and women tossing their babies out of apartments and you say yet by the grace of god there go i it could have be so simple. look, you guys witness about wealth but in ter of values and parenting and having family and a structure in your life to sustain you, we are blessed. and blessings are not always measured by how much money you have in the bank.
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sometimes it's what you have in your@heart and what you are willing to give you how doou balance out reaching backot just blessing somebody along the way but restoring hope west and mark. >> i think you have to realize that you have to leave the world better than you received it. i think for all of us, we are blessed in that we have had people in our lives who have allowed us to enter into the middle class. to move our families into a different economic sphere. for us there is an obligation. we must reach back. we must v vunteer. we must mentor. we must teach people personal responsibility who don't necessarily get it at home. i think that we feel obligated to do that not only in the black community but t america in general. we have to be willing to reach back because of the blessings that we have.
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faith . there is no bless a bleed. because of the things i've been given, i feel obligated to back. we can feel comfortable about giving turkeys at thanksgiving going to mission trips but there really has to be in order for this thing to work there has to be a long-term plan in your life to recognize that all of these hours, all this stuff i'm doing for myself, this is temporary. the things that matter to me in the course of the week , i had amazing professional experiences but the things that matter to me are like last weekend. i got to spend two hours with my eight-year-old niece making a video about minions . i looked back at that video about minions probably 50 times in the last 48 hours because for me , that's where i get my and energy. that's what it's all about. it's not about making $1 million although that would be nice but it really is about
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reaching back, spending time with the people that matter . >> i want to jump in and say i think what i would call blessed is reaching a point in life where you are not complacent but you realize you have enough i think people by and large, many times people do not have enough. they get this then they want that and they want that and they are never content and as a result they stay frustrated but i think for persrsally, it's getting to a point in life where you feel that you are comfortable and you have enough to do your daily needs and you can give back to other people. you can give some of your time . if you have financial resources, you can help people with their finances. >> there's nothing wrong with don wanting to acquire more. there's nothing wrong with that but i think personally, there
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us as human beings then being ab to changeger have an impact being impactful on another humans life. we need to understand that and that's where morality comom from. we should feel morally obliged to make a difference ithe lives of others. there is no greater satisfaction for us as humans then being able to enrich the life of other person. >> what do you say, kimberly, to people who say i'm a good person. i make the sacrifices. i take care of my family. i make good choices but yei struggle . i can't make ends meet. life is just at every turn a reminder of misery. i have not seen the fruits of my labor and the promises of america.and that exists in people.
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lose hope . if someone came to say that to me i w wld say look, you are talking to me today. that is a blessing. you are here talking to me today. the fact that you woke up in the morning and said you know what, i may not like what's going on in my life but i had the opportunity to change it because i am here. i always try to say, look at the brighter side. >> is there something they can read mark is there something they can do? is there something they can do to radically change their life . >> there are a ton of self-helelbooks. they are everywhere but i think just also exposing yourself to something different. we w wt change what we are doing the same thing and expecting different results. instead of taking bus 22, why don't you take bus 13 and see something different. you might even meet someone different that can change your life . >> i agree with you 100 percent. i also believe or me, i always believe i'm doing better than i deserve and i don't mean that in a defeatist way i feel like i am so blessed and doing
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better than i ever deserved because of the weight my fafa lends s to believe these things. we will have times when we are down and out and paycheck to paycheck and en we might be doing extremely well but i feel like we need to learn to have contentment outside of the material things . it doesn't matter what my checking account lolos like. if i know i get to see my niece and nephew on the weekend, i'm all good i want to have an abundant crop but at the end of the day, the things that really matter are my family. so i think that we live in this kind of i want the next we were saying during the break, i live in a 700 square foot condo. my sister lives in a big house but i'content in my condo because i feel like it's a blessing.
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i would love to have a aigger house but right now in this stage , i'm happy with it being this very child home that you don't go away. happy thanksgiving and happy holidays.
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welcome back. sir michael tiverton w w talking about t spirituality during the break. so interesting because it was what i was planning to discuss next . sometimes people use religion as a crutch . en you say the lord will provide, you've got to take the first step . sometimes people get so wrapped up in their religion they never do anything. but spirituality is important . faith is important. believing in something greater than yourself. how does o o balance that out t because some people will say, my success crumbs from the fact that i have more faith than you.
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even when it doesn't happen, i have the faith that it happenene for a reason. then we say , in shallotte. some people want god to prove themselves.. show me that you caca about me, i'm struggling. i want this fatal to be healthy. i want my mother to live another five years. bring us through this hospital no matter what the doctors say. sometimes when god does not deliver, people loseaith and my attitudedes whatever the situation, my answer is god's will. whatever his will is. i don't know . but as a human being i mest accept his will. therefore i'm not looking for an answer. i'm looking for his will . >> i think armstrong, sometimes religion can be used as a crutch and some folks may use religion so they are not subservient to themselves. i can't answer that. i do think there has to be a onons faith and believing in oneself .
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i believe those are two distinct different things. i think when you discuss religion and you discuss a topic such as self ego, love of self and believing in oneself it becomes extremely convoluted for one to say , because xy and z, things didn't occur the way i was taught to believe because of my fellow faith. then i should give up on my faitit not necessarily. perhaps things were meant to happen that way. you continue on by believing in myself but you do not lessen your belief in your faith . >> you are a wise young man. >> you are could be different than what you thought it might be. that's a great point. >> i think faith is whatever different people have different faiths but it's how you apply it. the way i apply faith to me personally is to have a plan in what i want to do and then i go ahead and do it and i don't necessarily care about what
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people think about it as long as i saw it out based on myself. i think that's important . >> deanna, in faith should you have regrets? >> i think that there will be regrets but i think first of all, i must say that i'm a christian. i believe in jesus. this is my faith and i understand people have different views but t for memei believe that god's plan for me are always better than my plans for myself . if you want to hear god's laugh, tell him your plann even being in this ace, this is not what i planned for myself. i have an mfa in film production. i thought i was going to be doing something in politics although we know politics is a little bit like hollywood.
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these were not my plans for myself. thisiss clearly what the lord had in store for me. are there regrets? if i'm in the will of god and i really don't have regrets because i really want to do what he wants me to do . >> quickly, is it okay to go argue with god? to question him? lord, this is not fair. is that okay? >> i have to revert back to what plato wrote 100000ears agag i think k the highest form of concentration of human being can receive is self reflection. it is okay to question. that is okay. >> when we come back , pastor midori is going to continue this with his one minute of wisdom.
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if you are good at what you do, the word gets out and
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it's true as a person , , 's true as a business. if your business is good at what it does, guess what? the word gets out. opportunity comes your way and business. if you as an individual, whatever your challllge or gift is and you are good at it and gives you the gift. you got to develop the skill, all right? and you develop yourself and word gets out that you are good, guess what? you become the go to person. >> welcome back. we got about 45 seconds left . we are being thankful. >> i'm thankful that i woke up this morning. kimberly? >> i'm thankful that i woke up day. >> i'm so thankful that i have
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a family that loves me in spite of myself . >> i'm thankful again for being here and i think it's more important for us to tell people who are challenged through something or going through something to remember, you're not the only one. there are othehepeople struggling just like e u and just because you see us on a tv show don't think that we are going through something. be thankful that every day you have an opportunity to try to improve . >> i'm thankfulhat no matter how much i've been blessed in my ideology and d at i believe, that if someone brings me a higher truth i will abandon it in a heartbeat and embrace the truth. you realize that the besgift that god has given us is mankind themselves. if we embrace human beings we nd the best in them m , we can always take something from them to make us better. whether it's a homeless person or that flourishing person. god gives us human beings to make us better human beings. god bless you and happy
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